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Madawaska Valley Culture and Heritage Society is a non-profit corporation formed by people dedicated to preserving, promoting and nurturing the unique culture and history of the Madawaska Valley.

We hope you will help us in our efforts highlight the unique history of our township, celebrate the talents of local artists and make our community an interesting place to live and a welcoming place to visit

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Did you miss our Event
on Saturday, June 30, 2018 ?

A Remembrance and Celebration of Jim Haskins

Thank you to all who came out and graced the Library with your time to remember Jim.

If you missed it, please visit the link below to view his art and maybe share a memento of his many talents with friends.

Jim and Loraine were the heart of the High School during their years of work there.

Until Jim's passing, they both were active in the community: original founders of KAPOA, members of the Lions Club, and along with others, they worked tirelessly and successfully to save the Railway Station and the Water Tower.
And let's not forget their inspired and determined work fundraising to acquire and get planted, thousands of trees to repair tree-damage caused by the Combermere Tornado!

There will be exhibits highlighting their many accomplishments within the community, especially mementos of Jim's work on those famous High School Musicals. Come hear the DVD that his Minstrels Alumni made last spring and that Jim enjoyed so much before he passed.

Prints of his pen and ink sketches of the area will be available for purchase, with the proceeds donated to charities and organizations of Loraine's choosing.

View his art and make online purchases

This event was made possible by the generosity of
our principal sponsor, Lorraine's Pharmasave.
Please remember this help when you visit their store.

Thanks also to Madawaska Coffee for refreshments

and to Bayberry Design for their outstanding
Graphics Design and Printing services.

Report on Railway Station Negotiations from the Madawaska Valley Culture and Heritage Society

In response to many questions about the status of our negotiations with the Township, MVCHS regrets that so far, the process has been unsuccessful.

MVCHS had hoped to (and still hopes to) access funding that is unavailable to municipalities and bring outside resources into our community. Unfortunately, it appears that we do not have a Municipal partner in this effort, at this time.

Background Information on the Railway Station Situation

The are many public documents that show how, once a "full-time" manager was hired by the township for the Railway Station facility, attendance grew steadily to reach about 10,000 visitors annually... double that of the next most popular information booth in the county.

Go HERE to see relevant pages and to access the full documents that show what we want to rebuild.